• Main part of Screw Compressor is Air-end, consisting of a pair of rotors. The male motor is driven by electric motor. Suction of air though Inlet filter and suction control valve. Air – oil mixture from air-end flows into an air – oil separator.

    The separated oil flows through oil filter and after cooling in 'cooler', it gets back into the system. The air also passes through air cooler and to the receiver. The whole system is controlled through valves / sequence of compressor is done through electric /electronic control.

      FEATURES :
    • Most reliable, efficient and productive air compressors.

    •  The screw air compressors have longer life span compared to other.

    • Comparison to other rotary screw compressor produce less noise.

      Compact, High-efficiency, Low-noise :

    • Big Rotor, Big Output Capacity, Good Specific Power.

    •  Stable Air Flow Volume, Less wear Parts than Piston Compressor, High Reliability.

    • The decreased number of parts in these compressors contributes for increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the compressor.

    • Low Investments :

    • Mechanical structure is simple, has low running cost.

    • One of the main characteristic that enables these air compressors to be used for five to six years.

    • Most of the parts of the screw air compressors need to be replaced after ten years of use.

    • High Reliability :

    • Less moving parts. Integrated combination parts, Lower failure, high protection grade.

    • Excellent quality compressed air, outlet compressed air oil content less than 3ppm, suitable for all main industry area.