• In span of years our enterprise has faced many expansions and today plant enjoys state of art facilitates to supply most modern drills, tapping Machines etc.

      Types Of Radial Drill Machine :

    • All Geared Radial Drill Machine With Auto Geared (65mm, 50mm).

    • 40mm heavy duty all geared radial drill machine.

    • 38mm all geared heavy duty radial drill machine.

    • 25mm heavy duty universal radial drill machine.

    • 25mm universial redial drill machine (V-belt type).

    • 38mm universial redial drill M/c. with fine feed (V-belt type).

    • 38mm auto feed redial drill machine (V-belt type).


    • Speeds can easily change.

    • Precision hardened and ground spindle.

    • Machine tested as per IS: 2199-1982 Standards.

    • Single Column Construction for Rigidity and effortless centering.

    • 8 Spindle speeds and 2 auto feeds for drilling, tapping, reaming operations.

    • This machine may be Capable of drilling, milling, tapping, honing, counter-boring, spot-facing, reaming, and boring and other similarity.

    • Thread tapping operations can be done in either rotation and working depth can be controlled using a positive stop gauge.

    • All gears are made of alloy steel, nitride hardened & lapped running in oil bath fitted with splined shafts.